Sunday, September 29, 2013

Much Ado About Leggings

I've never been a fan of leggings. Personally, I don't think they're flattering or comfortable. They always hit you at the wrong point between your waist and hips and you have to constantly pull them up. They give you frightening camel toes and show every little bulge or imperfection on your lower half. The worst thing about leggings is when people think it is acceptable to wear them as pants. I'm sorry if you haven't done your laundry, but that doesn't make it okay to wear pants as thin as tights and show everyone the print on your underwear and your butt crack.

...but then I started working at a fashion company that mostly makes leggings and have a newfound appreciation for leggings.

I've probably seen around 100 different pairs of leggings at the showroom alone and after folding them, labeling them, writing descriptions for them, and using them to style outfits for photo shoots, I've realized that leggings can be really fun and trendy if you wear them right. A whole outfit can be made around a fun pair of leggings.

If you're lucky enough to have thin, toned legs, then the world of leggings is your oyster. If you don't, try and find a pair of leggings that has a thicker material to conceal a little more. It is also important to wear a shirt or dress that is long enough to cover your lady parts and your butt. No matter how thick your leggings are, they still might give you a "V" around your lady parts and if you bend over far enough, whomever is behind you will have a front row viewing of your crack. Hence, it is important to wear something that covers those areas up even when you bend over.

If you're into fun leggings or even a comfy pair of solid leggings, you should check out the company I work for: Ovoloo

Your butt should not be eating your leggings and if it is, no one needs to see that.
Nor should everyone be invited to see what color thong you're wearing.
That's the "V" I was talking about and it's really not attractive, is it?
She chose a fun pair of leggings, layered on top, and voila! a cute outfit without showing off the wrong things.
You can also pick subtle leggings just for comfort and make the rest of your outfit fun!
Or try stylish leather leggings mixed with some other textures like knit covering the V and the B.


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