Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Warm Me Up

'Tis the season of trendy overcoats and chic winter accessories. There are several ways to incorporate this fall/winter season's trends into your outerwear: grey, patterned, embellished, pastel pink, capes, and tweed. I'm personally obsessed with capes and can't get enough shades of grey. If you're really loving all of these trends, mix it up and get different weight coats for the transitions between summer and fall, fall, fall to winter, and winter so you feel like you have an excuse to spend all that money!

1. Miss Selfridge
2. H&M
3. Zara
4. Topshop
5. Nordstrom
6. Asos

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


These graphic tees are making statements in magazines, online magazines like Refinery 29 and Lookbook, and on fashion blogs. They're not designer nor do they have designer prices. Whether it be a play on the designer's name, a familiar design from a designer, or on the fact that they all use a lot of French, these shirts are bound to get a good laugh and make you stand out in a crowd. For those ironic, punny people out there that think designer clothes are overrated, try these graphic tees out for size.

3. Comme Des F Down
5. AIN'T LAURENT without Yves
6. High Schouler Dropout
7. Partier

Monday, October 28, 2013


I just got this fluffy angora sweater from Asos last week and since it's finally cold out, I had to wear it right away. I felt that since I was sporting a furry top, my leopard pants were absolutely appropriate. It's also more figure-flattering if you're wearing a loose-fitting sweater to wear skinnies. It's not really apparent in these pictures, but the bottoms are cuffed. Since I was furry and spotted all over I wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum. I chose a simple black leather bootie and a gold, silver, and opal airplane on a black ribbon.

Sweater: Asos  Jeans: Joe's Jeans  Shoes: Franco Sarto  Necklace: similar  Nails: Essie - Bottle Service

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Last night I went out in the Lower East Side and it was freezing out! I knew I had to abandon any thoughts of wearing a short dress or skirt because I'd be walking around outside for awhile. I decided to go for an easy, comfortable, cool look that wouldn't require me to put on a beer sweater. This is a really versatile look that can really be worn almost anywhere.

Blazer: Zara - similar  Shirt: Asos  Pants: Joe's Jeans  Shoes: Franco Sarto  Handbag (not shown): H by Halston - similar

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Putting A Price on Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been a public institution since 1870 and, up until Thursday, had a recommended, not mandatory, admission fee. As of Thursday, Mayor Bloomberg has granted the Met to have a mandatory admission fee of $25. As a student of visual arts and art history, I am extremely enraged to see that there will be a charge to see some of the world's finest collections of art. I know I'm not the only person who is opposed to this change. I spent a lot of time at the Met as a child just sitting in front of paintings trying to draw my own versions. I also had many class trips to the Met throughout high school and college. It is an essential resource for art students, and with a fee of $25, will not continue to be so.

The Met has been running for over 140 years and the recommended admission allows anyone to go see famous works of art. Those who go to the museum are obviously supporters of the arts and, I'm sure, generally donate something upon entrance to the museum, which is why it is still a functioning powerhouse in the art world today. There are also great supporters of the arts and the Met, in particular.

The Met's mission statement is "to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and stimulate appreciation for and advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality, all in the service of the public and in accordance with the highest professional standards." 

The artwork inside the Met should remain to be at a low/recommended cost to the public. I see art not only as old paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, etc, but as a means of education and culture. People can learn a lot from art - about different time periods, wars, influential people, politics, etc. It is an interesting and interactive way to educate the general public and should continue to have a recommended admission fee.

NY Daily News

Friday, October 25, 2013

Make A Statement

Trendy women are making statements all over the world in large necklaces, aka "statement necklaces". They come in all shapes, colors, metals, sizes, and prices and there are certain styles that work better with certain necklines. I'd consider this more suggestive guideline than a strict fashion rule. Some of these necklines are a little more flexible than others and it depends on the necklace, too. Here's a necklace/neckline cheat sheet I found on pinterest:

I think it's important to have at least one neutral statement necklace that can go with anything, particularly gold. I got my first statement necklace when I was in Greece several years ago and at the time, wasn't sure if the splurge was worth it, but it has become my favorite piece of jewelry. Since then, I've bought some fun pieces at J.Crew, at random boutiques throughout my travels in Europe and Israel, and I have inherited some great costume jewelry and other eye-catching pieces from my grandmother. 

Here's a peek at some of my statement necklaces (but not all!):

And here is my favorite piece that I bought in Mykonos, Greece by Glam Scope:

These are some great statement necklaces at some of my favorite stores:

1. Lulu Frost
2. Zara
3. Forever 21
4. J. Crew
5. Asos
6. Iosselliani
7. Topshop


It's starting to get cold out so I decided to finally break out the knit sweater and jeans. That means a lot coming from me, because, I know this will sound weird, but I'm not the biggest fan of pants. I try and live in my skirts and dresses as long as I can until it's really too cold. Having went to prep school my entire life, I added a light blue button down blouse underneath the navy and maroon striped sweater for a preppy look. This is not only preppy, but so comfy! Skinnies, riding boots, and comfy knit sweaters are pretty much always trendy and are an easy look to put together. Once it's cold I pretty much live in my riding boots, so you'll see me wearing these a lot now.

Sweater: Theory  Blouse: Theory (mine is a very pale blue/green, but I can't find it anywhere)  Jeans: Zara  Boots: Tahari  Necklace: Tiffany's  Earrings: Tiffany's

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Monsters

As I turned the page in my November issue of Vogue, there were these cute, furry little monster handbags staring back at me. It was a Saks Fifth Avenue ad featuring Fendi "baguettes". These little monsters are a Fendi signature design and they happen to be some of the cutest, most eye-catching bags I've ever seen and I am obsessed with them. If you've got a lot of extra funds laying around and want a furry little monster of your own, head to Saks or Fendi. These aren't the only monsters that Fendi has made. They have some simpler monsters without fur (for those of you fur-free ethically inclined people like myself) and smaller, more affordable monster wallets and handbags.

Fur bags can be found at the previous links.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skirt and Booties

For the past week I have been scouring all of my favorite shopping websites for a great pair of black leather flat booties yet I couldn't find anything I liked that I could afford. I have several pair of booties with heels or wedges, but come on, real working people don't wear heels all day. So, late last night after work I ventured out to T.J. Maxx and found a great pair of flat leather booties so I could rock them with skirts and skinny jeans. Even if these two trends weren't hot right now, a pair of comfortable black booties that you can walk in are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Blouse: Premise (it's old & I couldn't find it) - similar  Skirt: See by Chloé - similar - cheaper version  Shoes: Franco Sarto  Necklace: Tiffany's  Nailpolish: Essie - Skirting the Issue

Monday, October 21, 2013

Congrats NJ!

Having been a resident of New Jersey for my whole life, I am glad to say that marriage equality finally becomes legal today. I've never understood people who don't want homosexual people to get married or people who hate other people for what they are instead of who they are. Whether or not they can get married, they will still be gay, still live with and love their significant other, and still continue to be who they are despite the unfairness that a large part of society presents them with. How is any homophobic person going to be affected by gay marriage? They're not. Gay people should be proud of who they are and marriage equality activists should be proud of what they are accomplishing throughout the country. That being said, it is important to be who you are and own it. Whether it be your sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or even your own personal style, you should  accept it confidently. You are who you are and if you are confident about it, then you'll make things happen. Wear what you like. Create your own style. Be you. Nothing happens from being afraid of what other people think. I've been fortunate enough to never experience any sort of predjudice directly, but I am confident in who I am. I'm not ashamed of my sexual orientation, my ethnicity, my race, and I am certainly confident in my body and the way I dress. That's why I write this blog: I'm trying to make a statement in the fashion world even though I'm not a leggy 5'10", 120lb model. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I've been riding horses pretty much since I could walk. As a kid, I was always embarrassed to change into my jotphurs and Ariat riding boots at school before my riding lessons. Funny thing is, the equestrian look has become an extremely trendy style. Legging-like pants (even with the suede inner leg panel) have become stylish especially when paired with riding boots. I always had paddock boots (short boots), which still aren't quite as stylish, but I may find myself wearing my boots in daily life this fall/winter. Riding boots have now become a staple accessory for colder weather. My suggestion is to get one pair in a shade of brown and one black pair and you'll be set for almost any outfit.

Ralph Lauren (can't find anywhere) - similar
These are my go-to riding boots (I just had to donate my absolute favorite chestnut Ralph Lauren boots after 4 years of loyalty to my feet...they were unsalvageable). What I'm really loving this season are these lace-up Valentino boots. Going on my wish list!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Midi, Not Mini

A midi skirt is a perfect transition into fall weather. That limbo between warm and cool is always hard to dress for and of course we all know about dressing in light layers, but the midi skirt allows you to show a little leg without being underdressed for those chillier fall days. It's also definitely more modest and professional - no doubt, a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Skirt: Michael Kors - similar  Shirt: David Lerner  Shoes: Tahari  Jacket: I got in Ecuador - similar

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flat-ter Yourself

Ballet flats will always be a classic, but why not try some more funky flat footwear this fall? Jazz up your shoe closet with some other comfortable flats like skater slip-ons, loafers, saddle shoes, oxfords, or d'orsay flats. They're just as comfortable as ballet flats, but more fashion-forward. If you're really into all of these trends, why not buy a pair of each? You can find them at affordable prices at TJ Maxx, DSW, and even Forever 21.

This is just my collection of flats (but as soon as I get paid there will be more):

Left to Right: similarMark BernsonSam EdelmanTahari


Boutique 9
ASOS Collection

Skater Slip-ons:

Common Projects 

Saddle Shoes:


Jeffrey Campbell
BC Footwear


Nasty Gal

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't Bug Out!

Don't bug out, but there are insects crawling on runways all over the world! Well, not so much crawling as strategically designed or placed as patterns on clothes, shoes, brooches, and various other jewelry. This creepy-crawly trend is actually really cool. Just like people, bugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and make for really interesting designs. Some, like beetles and bees, are eerier than others like dragonflies and butterflies. Pick your poison:

Yarnz Bug Plaid Cashmere Scarf
ASOS Boxchain Collar Necklace with Bug
Topshop Bug and Rhinestone Ring
Mother of Pearl Coral Bugs Achilles Trainers
Tory Burch Qorra Tee
Nishe Shirt Dress With Butterfly Embroidery and Contrast Collar
Oasis Silk Butterfly Shirt

Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Dressed Celebs

You can deny it, but we all draw some of our fashion inspiration from famous celebrities. We see them looking so glamorous on the red carpet and all dolled up to live their daily lives. We can't really escape the world of pop culture looming over our heads and for some of you, you may even religiously follow their lives (but really, you should be caring about your own life, not theirs). Even if you say you don't care about or follow pop culture, it exists and you're still going to be aware of it if you see a magazine at the supermarket, listen to the radio, or watch TV or awards shows.

I wouldn't say I care about celebrities, who they're dating, what they got arrested for, or where they're vacationing, but what I notice is what they're wearing. I want to take you inside the world of celebrities' closets, but not their personal lives.

1. Miranda Kerr
Orlando Bloom is one lucky man because this Aussie Victoria's Secret model sure knows how to dress when she's not on the job.

2. Kerry Washington
Some of you might know her as Scandal's well-dressed Olivia Pope and she dresses just as well, if not better, as her real self.

3. Lily Collins
Born into a talented gene pool, this double threat model/actress has got a talent for fashion.

4. Olivia Palermo
This socialite and reality TV star has an eye for all things fashion and beauty.

5. Hannah Bronfman
At only 25, this DJ and beauty IT-girl is setting her own standards for style and it's working. Check out her app "Beautified."

6. Blair Eadie
The bicoastal style blogger of Atlantic-Pacific has a refreshing sense of style!

7. Zoe Saldana
This native New Yorker lets her girly side show in stunning menswear patterns!

8. Olivia Wilde
Wilde has wildly awesome judgment about what's chic!

9. Bee Shaffer
Though her mother, Anna Wintour, may be my fashion idol and inspiration, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

10. Alexa Chung
Model turned TV-host and editor at British Vogue has some of the best street style I've seen in England.