Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who Wants to be Different Anyway

Isn't personal style part of fashion? Being yourself is important, right? It's one thing when a trend includes a large variety of items where everybody can still be unique, but then there's those trends that are one specific item. I don't get those. Why, if we all strive to be our own person and express our creativity and personality through our clothes, does everyone run out and make the $378 splurge for this COTTON AND FELT SWEATER?! It's not important that it probably cost $5 to make and you're just paying an extra $373 to look like everyone else, right? Although this sweater has popped up during London and New York Fashion Week, the trend is cozy sweaters (which will probably be trendy a lot longer than this sweater with the ACNE brand logo).

Wouldn't you be embarrassed to be walking down the street and awkwardly catch the glance of the other girl wearing the same sweater as you? I know I would be.

Although, if you do really like this sweater and want to look like everyone else then here's the link.


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