Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Yes, I'm referring to the overused #tbt, but I'm talking about vintage, not your old family pictures. Many of the styles that are in this fall are inspired by vintage trends (houndstooth and other prints, leather pants and dresses, leopard print, oversized comfy sweaters). I'm not the biggest vintage shopper when it comes to clothes, but I'm all about the vintage accessories. I find it a little gross wearing used clothes, but I may start to get into it. I think the best way to jump into some of the trends this fall is by going vintage shopping. If they were in back then, and they're in again now, likelihood is that they'll be back in again in a few years. My personal collection of "vintage" is from raiding my grandmother's closet. She was definitely into current trends and within her four closets (or entire rooms full of clothes) there were still things with tags on them. There were also some amazing vintage pieces like a full-length Gucci coat and large colorful sweaters from the 80s.

What I would love to see make a larger comeback is 40s fashion. Below or at-the-knee flowy skirts are actually in style right now and so are prints like gingham and polka dots. I love the high necklines - they're so classic and always flattering - and I think it looks so much more tasteful than some of the things women wear today.

Look at those prints and the statement outerwear! Looks like a more modest version of today's fashion. 

     Left to right: Prada, Celine, Jason Wu

So, if you're fallen victim to this fall's fashion trends, maybe you'll want to hit your local vintage store or check out some great online resources. 

ASOS (many different Vintage stores)


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