Monday, October 21, 2013

Congrats NJ!

Having been a resident of New Jersey for my whole life, I am glad to say that marriage equality finally becomes legal today. I've never understood people who don't want homosexual people to get married or people who hate other people for what they are instead of who they are. Whether or not they can get married, they will still be gay, still live with and love their significant other, and still continue to be who they are despite the unfairness that a large part of society presents them with. How is any homophobic person going to be affected by gay marriage? They're not. Gay people should be proud of who they are and marriage equality activists should be proud of what they are accomplishing throughout the country. That being said, it is important to be who you are and own it. Whether it be your sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or even your own personal style, you should  accept it confidently. You are who you are and if you are confident about it, then you'll make things happen. Wear what you like. Create your own style. Be you. Nothing happens from being afraid of what other people think. I've been fortunate enough to never experience any sort of predjudice directly, but I am confident in who I am. I'm not ashamed of my sexual orientation, my ethnicity, my race, and I am certainly confident in my body and the way I dress. That's why I write this blog: I'm trying to make a statement in the fashion world even though I'm not a leggy 5'10", 120lb model. 


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