Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adios, Louis Vuitton!

As a long-time fan of Marc Jacobs, I'm glad to see him leave Louis Vuitton after 16 years. He started as the creative director at Louis Vuitton when his namesake company was still small and now, he has several lines, catering to the upper class with Marc Jacobs, those willing to splurge on occasion with Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the very affordable Stinky Rat (which most people don't know about). He has managed to be the creative director of his three lines and of Louis Vuitton, two very stylistically different companies that cater to very different markets, and now that his company has flourished, he can focus on that.

Jacobs' lines are much more fun and creative, which you can see in some of Louis Vuitton's more recent lines. He is a lover of patterns and color, whereas Louis Vuitton has stuck to some of the same patterns since the company's beginning. Jacobs bid adieu to the Louis Vuitton company at the spring 2014 fashion show in Paris. He combined elements from his past shows as creative director: a fountain, carousel, old-fashioned elevators, hotel doors, and escalators. The scene was set black, almost as if it is a funeral for the Louis Vuitton company because they are losing a fashion genius.

I'm hoping Jacobs' next show for his namesake company starts with something bright and energetic to celebrate his new focus on his own companies.

I know the namesake line, Marc Jacobs, can be pricey for the masses, but check out Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is generally more affordable. If you check out the actual Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, you'll find little things like jewelry, watches, cashmere socks, pocket mirrors, which are very affordable. The line that most people don't know about is his Stinky Rat line. It was inspired by Juergen Tellers daughter who used to call Jacobs a "stinky rat." This line includes unisex t-shirts, tanks, and polos, and mens' wallets, flip flops, and skateboards. I have several of the t-shirts and I've got to tell you, they are very comfy!

I'm sorry for Louis Vuittons' loss and we'll see how the company does in the future, but my congratulations go to Marc Jacobs. He is incredibly talented and I think his lines will really flourish now that he can put all his focus on his own companies.

To shop Marc Jacobs: click here
Marc by Marc Jacobs: click here
You can check out the special cheap items and Stinky Rat here, but you can only buy them in stores.


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