Monday, December 30, 2013

Faux Fur Vest

I have been lusting for this vest for a few months now and my mom surprised me with it for Christmas! I love the mixture of purple and black faux fur on the mid-thigh silhouette. I also love that it's not entirely fur. I find that fur really engulfs you if you don't carry yourself in a very sophisticated I-rule-the-world kind of manner. I want to wear the fur, not the fur to wear me. I thought it would also be fun to match it with my burgundy pants to pick up more of the purple in the fur. I was also lusting over these boots for awhile and they finally went on crazy sale so I just had to buy them. They're a perfect buttery soft leather.

Blouse: similar  Vest: Tahari - similar  Pants: similar   Boots: Vince - similar


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