Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shoe Crush Saturday: Zara High Heel Court Shoes

The fashion world isn't done with pastel pink yet. It's pretty much become the grown-up way of wearing pink for all of us girly women out there that don't want to look like giant barbies in magenta. We all know that Zara is the affordable way of being trendy and looking like you're wearing high fashion and these pumps are no exception. These pointed high heel court shoes with ankle straps from Zara are a fashionable, mature version of the classic mary jane. No more round toes, 1/2" heel, and black and white. These pastel pink heeled pointed toe mary janes are anything, but Sunday school. They're sophisticated, sweet, and perfect for spring. I especially love the sleek cylindrical heel. 

1 comment:

  1. The heel here is looking so fabulous . It will looked so gorgeous on my outfit.I am loving the color of the heel . And the design is also so stunning and cute. I am also loving the fashionable heels and the other accessories , are looking so wonderful . Everyone will prefer them.