Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall, Meet Winter

Today's outfit was inspired by warm fall colors like reds and browns and this winter's hottest color: pastel pink. I know I look like I'm ready for Valentine's day, but I needed some more color in my life since I've been wearing a lot of black. It was so beautiful out today, so I'd be a fool to not wear some more vibrant colors and show how happy this real fall weather makes me. I actually got this jacket at Barney's when I was 13 and luckily it still fits me! (One of the only times I'm thankful I was a chubby middle-schooler). I'm also quite pleased with the way the necklines of my dress and my coat work.

Dress: Halston Heritage (on sale!)   Jacket: Barney's (2004) - similar   Shoes: Vince Camuto   Necklace: Got in Manchester, UK


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