Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holy Grail of Handbags

Is it just in the fashion bubble that is my brain or is every woman in search of the perfect handbag that will hold all of their daily essentials? Madewell has given us just that handbag. It's a beautiful leather tote with a smartly designed zip pocket inside. It's big enough to carry all of your handbag items plus a pair of heels if you don't have time to run home after work before a night out. It's soft, versatile, and timeless. There's almost nothing better than the smell and feel of nice leather. It comes in brown or black leather, neither of which will ever go out of style.

Find these at Madewell
If you keep up with my posts, you'll know that I hate having the same things as everyone else and this is no exception. As much as I love this bag and definitely recommend that you go out and buy it, here are some other similar, real leather totes for those of you that feel the same way I do.

3. Pour la Victoire (one of my fave handbag & shoe brands!)
7. J. Crew
8. IllBeCa


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