Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I spent 2 hours in line yesterday for the opening day of the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale. I've never been one of those crazy women who stands in line for hours to fight over fabulous clothes, etc., and I probably will never do it again. It may be a sale, but I still spent a lot of money I otherwise wouldn't have spent (and don't even have). Despite spending 2 hours of my day standing out in the cold with a bunch of other shopaholics and another hour shopping and waiting in line to pay, I got a lot of great items and am still dreaming about the ones I didn't buy. I got these amazing black and oxblood fur booties, a black leather and white fur crossbody bag, and a present for my mom (that I can't post yet because she'll read it). I was shopping so fast that I didn't even realize that both of the items I bought are made from real fur (oops!), but man, they are gorgeous.

So go check out the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale going on through Saturday at 260 Fifth Ave! 


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