Thursday, November 14, 2013


Isn't a rule when you buy something new that you have to wear it immediately? If it isn't, it should be. That's what I do. Otherwise, they just sit in your closet until that season hits again next year and by then it's out of style. That's exactly what I did with my Rebecca Minkoff. Today was their test drive and they run perfectly. I wanted to make sure my shoes were the highlight of my outfit so I kept it simple in medium denim skinnies and black. I thought it would also be fun to play with texture so while still keeping it simple, I chose a crushed velvet tank under my blazer. It was also a freezing 30-something degrees in New York (2 degrees colder than Alaska... yes, Alaska) yesterday so I broke out my grandmother's old Loden coat for the first time.

Shirt: C&C California (could only find red)   Blazer: Zara   Jeans: Hudson   Jacket: Loden   Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff   Necklace: Custom gold & diamond


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