Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Liquid Metallic

"Liquid metallic." That's what American Apparel calls my tights. I was a little hesitant to wear these when my mom bought them for me for Chanukah (because she knows metallics are in thanks to me), but I'm glad I didn't make her return them because once they stretched they were subtle enough for me to wear, but still bold enough to make a metallic statement. I wanted to really use how fun these tights are to play up my outfit. Granted, a white button-up blouse and a black skirt aren't exciting, which is why I chose a vibrant purple sweater, and wedges. I am perfectly aware that most people would say anything bodycon isn't appropriate to wear to work, but I think that as long as it's longer than your fingertips and it's paired with something more conservative (like a button-up/sweater combo) then it's acceptable.

Sweater: J. Crew (old color of this sweater)   Blouse: H&M   Shoes: similar   Tights: American Apparel   Necklace: Tiffany & Co.   Lips: Lancome - Exotic Orchid and Laura Mercier - Rose Prism  Nails: Essie (to buy or not to buy and good as gold)


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