Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feelin' Floral

This snowstorm is really putting a damper on my excitement for spring and spring fashion, so maybe if I dress springy enough, then I'll get my wish for spring to come soon! (a girl can dream, right?!) I'm not usually a fan of floral prints, but I do like ones that are a little more artsy and abstract than cutesy and innocent. I actually really fell in love with this floral pattern when I saw it because I liked the red hues and how the streaks of color made it a little more abstract. I also really love almost styrofoamy texture of this shirt. I know the lower half of my outfit is completely the opposite of spring, but come on, it's a blizzard out there - a girl's gotta stay warm.

Blouse: Zara (in store - on sale!)   Jeans: Joe's Jeans   Boots: Ralph Lauren (old) - similar    Lips: Sephora - It Girl


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