Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paris Couture Week

I've always dreamed of having a life where I had a reason to wear high end couture pieces. Some couture pieces are a little out there and for the Lady Gagas of the world and others are suited for the Kate Middletons. Now that I'm no longer a tween dreamer I'm really trying to make that life for myself where I have an excuse to wear some couture pieces, maybe even from some of the collections from Paris Couture week this past week. There's nothing that makes a fashionista swoon more than Paris Couture Week. The haute couture looks from high-end designers have every girl from 6-year-olds dreaming of being fairy princesses to real life princesses yearning to wear them.

One collection in particular has me drooling over it; that collection is Elie Saab - and it's left me speechless.

All of the collections were absolutely incredible including Viktor & Rolf, who were inspired by their new fragrance Bonbon. 

Chanel included sneaker, knee-pad, and elbow-pad wearing models. (Although, wouldn't it have made more sense for models wearing heels to have some joint protection?? haha)

Valentino's spring/summer couture collection was on the wild side.

And Jean Paul Gaultier really spread his wings with this collection.


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