Friday, January 10, 2014

People's Liberation

These People's Liberation jeans are my absolute favorite pair of jeans. I love this brand because unlike most denim brands, their jeans are really thick and textured. They also fit really well if you have curves. I kept it simple today because, well, it's casual Friday, of course. I'm wearing a solid black silk tank and a really soft long blood orange cardy (cardy party 👍). I figured I'd at least keep the footwear a little funky with some heeled lace-up booties. I also went for a great color combo - orange and turquoise) by adding some gold earrings with a hint of turquoise and my gold and turquoise dove necklace.

Cardigan: similar   Shirt: Theysken's Theory   Jeans: similar   Boots: similar   Jewelry: got in Israel


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